Grammy Nominated for 'Best Rap Album' for his work on Meek Mill's 'Championships'

EY from an Ethiopian descent, was born and raised in Islington then moved to West London aged 15.

Growing up around his older cousins; EY grew up listening to a lot of 90's R&B and rap such as: Biggie, SWV, Jodeci, Fugees, Tupac, Aaliyah, Timbaland... His parents loved Michael Jackson and played Ethiopian music.

EY was surrounded by a lot of  musical influence, he sat for countless hours watching his Dad play the guitar and his uncle compose music in his early years. At 16 EY taught himself how to play the piano and started programming ideas at the age of 17.  He started on Cubase then progressed to FL studio.

EY draws inspiration from anywhere ‘one small thing can trigger a whole idea that may lead to a whole new track’.

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